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Miguel Milá

Miguel Mila / Image Credits: miguelmila.com
Miguel Milá is a highly successful Spanish designer who began working as an interior designer in the family studio. In his youth he became curious about materiality and experimenting with craftsmanship, this led him away from the architectural route and into the world of industrial design. At the beginning of the 21st century, Miguel Milá established his own studio to hone his craft and perfect his skills.

"I'm actually a pre-industrial designer. I feel more comfortable with those technical procedures that allow me to correct mistakes, experiment during the process and control it as much as possible. Hence my preference for noble materials, which know how to age well."

These noble materials can be seen in the Cestita collection that combines high-quality cherry wood and opal glass. Both of these materials work perfectly with Miguel's designs, the lightweight and sturdy qualities are highlighted within the designs. One of Milás characteristics within his work is the understanding that a light must look pleasing when it is off as much as when it is switched on. "A lamp spends more time off than on, so you have to take great care to ensure that its shape contributes to the space in the most exciting way possible".
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