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Lodes is the new name of the previous Studio Italia Design brand, a company that was founded in 1950 by Angelo Tosetto in Venice. The brand has stayed within his family for generations and now the company has found new life in the rebranding, maintaining and continuing the success that they have had for decades.

The design company was created from Tosetto’s passion for Murano glass—a region of Venice that is world-renowned for its hand-blown glass. Using this as inspiration, Tosetto’s vision for the Lodes lighting brand was to combine glass with metal materials, combining old traditions with new technologies.

Three generations later, Lodes is still thriving, providing lights to over 90 countries worldwide. A true embodiment of “Made in Italy,” their lighting collection is made with the best materials, producing designs that are elegant, well-made, forward-thinking and luxurious.

Lodes are best known for their pendant lights and wall/ceiling lights, with bestsellers such as the Random pendant, Rain pendant, Kelly pendant and the Nautilus wall light, available from David Village Lighting. Many of their lights are instant icons, and with most being fitted with LED light sources are energy-saving and long-lasting. Producing modern lights that are timeless and innovative in fashion, Lodes are changing the scope of contemporary design, through classic principles and current technology.

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