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Tom Dixon

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Tom Dixon

The Tom Dixon lighting and design brand is at the forefront of British design, producing lights that are innovative and visually stunning. Founded in 2002, by designer Tom Dixon, the brand showcases his unique eye, producing everything from sensational pendant lights to elegant home accessories. Now selling across 65 countries and with many hubs in major world cities, the Tom Dixon brand boasts fashionable and progressive lights that use and manipulate materials to create intriguing forms and designs.

Iconic and best selling Tom Dixon pendant lights which include the Melt pendant, a distorted spherical shade which resembles a beautiful piece of amber and the Copper pendant, which is created from an advanced method of vacuum metallisation are available from David Village Lighting amongst many other Tom Dixon collections and lights.

Using innovate design, a Tom Dixon light can be epitomised by its forward thinking and stunning effect, creating an artistic masterpiece in any space whether is be a subtle one or an outrageous one—a true representation of British contemporary design.

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