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Joan Gaspar

Joan Gaspar
Joan Gaspar began his journey in design after he studied industrial design in the school of Artes y Oficios in Barcelona. He then started manufacturing lamps in 1988 when he was able to apply his passion and skill for design to the world of designer lighting. This led him to his most famous and successful partnership with Marset, a Spanish design brand that works closely with designers from across the globe. This collaboration between Gaspar and Marset resulted in highly successful designs such as the Ginger collection that pays tribute to the drums of a 1960’s rock band, or more recently the Zenc pendant that was inspired by the American-style water tanks that populate the highrise roofs of New York City.

Gaspar's ability to find inspiration from his surroundings makes his designs relatable and familiar but also demonstrates how Joan Gaspar can find beauty in the everyday objects, from water tanks for the Zenc to the echo of a drum for the Djembe collection. This ability makes Gaspar's designs stand out from the crowd and invite intrigue.

"To me, value lies in simplicity, in something that is well made, that lasts for years. Being simple does not mean that the process of getting there is simple. It can actually be very complex" - Joan Gaspar
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