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Marset Ginger

The Ginger collection was designed by award-winning designer Joan Gaspar who is also the product manager for Spanish design brand Marset. This collection was inspired by the drums of Ginger Baker of Cream, the 1960’s rock band. This design by Gaspar features an extraordinarily lightweight disk that is created from layers of wood and paper shaped under high pressure achieving a shade thickness of just 4mm. Wood is notoriously difficult to mold and form thin delicate shades with, however, Gaspar discovered this method of combining wood and paper under extreme pressure and was able to use wood in a beautiful way. Both the designer and Marset enjoyed the challenge that wood provided as they collectively resolved the difficulties swiftly and neatly.

The Ginger, featuring its elegantly thin shade, is used in multiple applications. From table to wall light, suspension to floor lamp, the Ginger's thin and adaptable design has morphed into a variety of classic designs and iconic products. Most recently, Marset has added a portable table lamp to the Ginger collection. This makes it even easier to bring this sleek design into your home.

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