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Pablo Pardo

Pablo Pardo / Image Credits: pablodesigns.com
Originally born in Venezuela, Pablo Pardo has truly made a name for himself in the lighting design field. After graduating with a degree in Industrial Design from the University of Cincinnati in 1986, Pardo went on to found his studio Pablo Designs in San Francisco in 1993. Pablo Pardo creates unique and contemporary lighting solutions that aim to create a harmonious relationship between the user and their environment. Each Pardo creation prioritises user experience and offers a playful touch to your space.

Pablo Pardo grew up surrounded by artists an engineers, a fact that he believes accounted for his future career in the design world. Over the years he has won numerous awards, including Best Lighting at NY's International Contemporary Fair ICFF, Best of Competition at Chicago's Neocon Fair, Best of the Year Winner in Interior Design, the Red Dot Award, and the German Design Award.

"Nature is the inspiration, architecture is the playground, and light is the essence that brings architecture to life. As designers, we are tasked to ensure the interplay of these elements is inspiring, beautiful, and harmonious." - Pablo Pardo
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