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George Nelson

George Nelson / Image Credits: vitra
George Nelson is an American designer born in Connecticut in 1908. Nelson was at the forefront of early modern design and an influential figure in the modernist movement. Trained at Yale in architecture and fine art, George Nelson believed a designer's job was to better the world 'using the perfection of nature’s creations as his guide'. This led him to the creation of the Nelson Bubble pendant collection which is a timeless design that fits beautifully into any interior from the modern to the classic.

As the success of the Nelson Bubble collection grew, more and more variations of the design have been created. This has meant that George Nelson has elevated himself into the 21st century with his adaptable and stunning design. Able to make something from nothing, Nelson demonstrates his willingness to make designs for everyone when he manufactured the Nelson Bubble pendants. This design shows Nelson's adaptability and understanding that durability and timelessness are key elements in every design he has created.

“Total design is nothing more or less than a process of relating everything to everything.” - George Nelson
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