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Sir Kenneth Grange

Sir Kenneth Grange
Sir Kenneth Grange began his profession working as a technical illustrator whilst carrying out his National Service and has enjoyed a long and highly successful career ever since. Embodying quintessential British design, Grange has designed a wide range of products from post-boxes to kitchen appliances to lights, winning multiple awards over many decades for his creations.

Becoming the Design Director of Anglepoise in 2003, Grange had previously acknowledged the look and function of the Anglepoise lamp as his favourite, admiring the balance that the lamps showcase with their clever spring mechanisms. Since 2003 he has designed many lamps for the brand including the Type 75 collection and the popular Type 80 series.

"You have to be pleased to own something and be happy that you have it whatever it is, be it a pair of old socks, a hat or a handbag. In the moment you pick it up you must be pleased to do it. I think there is great reward in going through a day enjoying everything that you are using. These things then become important and personal, and you don’t want to lose them." - Sir Kenneth Grange
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