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Our environments shape our thoughts and feelings. This is the core value behind Vitra, they believe in enhancing your surroundings and creating inspirational living spaces through the power of design. Founded in 1934 by Willi Fehlbaum, Vitra has been a family and friends-run business for over 10 years, they believe in lasting relationships with customers, employees and designers, durable products, sustainable growth and the power of good design. Vitra lights are developed in Switzerland and installed worldwide by architects, companies and private users to build inspirational spaces for living, working as well as public areas. Vitra represents ground breaking contemporary and modernist design, combining technical and conceptual expertise with the creativity of contemporary designers, Vitra seeks to continue pushing the boundaries of the design discipline.

Creating innovative products and concepts with great designers is Vitra’s essence, but doing so whilst remaining environmentally conscious is their philosophy. The company follows three goals for their daily procedures: Longevity, Transparency and Net Positivity. This means Vitra will follow every product over its entire lifespan, ensuring the longest possible use and facilitating its recycling and disposal. They will also ensure customers are able to make their purchasing decisions based on detailed information as to where and how a product has been manufactured. And finally they aim to be a net positive company based on all the indicators of its ecological footprint.

Vitra want to create atmospheres in which innovation flourishes, while remaining environmentally conscious.

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