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Umut Yamac

Umut Yamac / Image Credits: ENNE
Umut Yamac is a British architect and designer with a Turkish heritage, who expertly demonstrates a multi disciplinary approach. Yamac graduated from Bartlett School of Architecture in 2009, before opening his own design studio in 2011. His work takes inspiration from nature, in order to create lighting solutions which are responsive and require playful interaction from the user, Umut crafts designs that can have more than one function - keeping his work contemporary and fun.

Yamacs collaboration with Moooi for the Perch collection is one of his most iconic designs, boasting crisp lines and luxurious material with brass detailing, these lights offer creative movement and a tribute to the ancestral Origami tradition. As well as designing, Umut Yamac also teaches at numerous design schools and runs multiple workshops, passing on his design and architectural knowledge to younger generations.

For me, the idea of having an object which is sort of playful adds another layer of experience to it. I guess the imaginary is connected with that. In the sense that you can connect with it on an emotional level, but you can also find your own connection with it. - Umut Yamac
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