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Philippe Starck & Eugeni Quitllet

Philippe Starck & Eugeni Quitllet
Philippe Starck is a renowned French designer that has changed the scope of design over many decades. Born in 1949, Starck’s father was a aeronautic engineer who instilled in him the idea that invention is a duty, exposing the young designer to creation and how it can benefit others. This idea has followed Starck across his whole career as his philosophy is based on improving society, creating objects that aid in everyday life with the user at the centre of all of his works.

Eugeni Quitllet started studying design at the Ibiza art school in 1991. He graduated in design and interior design at “La Llotja” art school, Barcelona, in 1996. Between sculptures, drawing and archeology, Quitllet specialises revealing silhouettes hidden in material and transforming them.

In 2001 Eugeni met Philippe Starck in Formentera and started a strong collaboration with him. They now design many pieces of furniture and products for some of the most important companies in the world signed as Starck & Quitllet. Together, Starck and Quitllet managed to create a completely unique and contemporary designs for both residential and contract areas.
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