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Jasper Morrison

Jasper Morrison
Morrison graduated from The Royal College of Art in 1985 and founded his own design studio in London in 1986 where he founded his passion for the 'super-normal'. The concept of super-normal design is at the forefront of all of Jasper Morrison's products. After a collaboration with Naoto Fukasawa, Morrison created an exhibition that celebrated the super-normal and the 'more humble side of design'. This groundbreaking exhibition focused on design that doesn't call attention to itself and quietly exists as a normal part of life. This super-normal ethos takes the ego out of designer lighting and instead uses skill, knowledge, and technical know-how.

This ethos was used in the design process of some of Morrisons most popular designs. Described as the 'perfect embodiment of designer Jasper Morrison's 'super normal' design philosophy' was the Globall Collection. Earning itself iconic status, the Globall Collection is crafted from hand-blown white opaline glass and is available in a suspension, wall light, floor lamp, and table lamp.

More recently, Morrison designed the Oplight LED wall light that not only embodies his super-normal ethos but is also a perfect demonstration of sustainable design. As each part of the design is replaceable and 100% recyclable, the Oplight is considered a future-proof design that is as understated as it is environmentally friendly.
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