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Flos Glo-Ball

The Glo-Ball collection features a pendant, wall light, table lamps and floor lights. All of which feature handblown opaline glass shades that diffuse a soft ambient glow into the space. These delicate glass orbs float effortlessly in the air either on the base of a table or floor lamp or hanging from the ceiling on a suspension. The glow from the Flos Glo-ball is a 360 degree, glare-free light that calms the atmosphere and brightens the room.

The designer of the Glo-ball collection is Jasper Morrison, who has a passion for the 'super-normal'. This is a concept that he uses to create designs such as the Glo-balls. After a collaboration with Naoto Fukasawa, Morrison created an exhibition that celebrated the super-normal and the 'more humble side of design'. This humble nature can be seen in the simple beauty of the Glo-ball. Described as the 'perfect embodiment of designer Jasper Morrison's 'super normal' design philosophy' was the Glo-ball Collection. This has led to plenty of awards and acknowledgments, giving the Glo-ball lights an iconic status.

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