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GamFratesi / Image Credits: gamfratesi.com
GamFratesi is a Danish-Italian design studio based in Copenhagen that was founded in 2006 by Stine Gam and Enrico Fratesi. The studio combines tradition and renewal, intertwining the old and the new. GamFratesi utilises classic Danish design techniques, as well as strong Italian conceptual approaches. Understanding a tradition and addressing it actively makes it possible to expand on it.

Although the studio is based in Copenhagen, the duo spends a lot of time travelling between Italy and Denmark for the development and research of new projects. In 2013 they won the Elle Decor Young Designer Talent of the Year Award.

"Both in our work and in our daily life we are constantly confronted with contrasts, and we do work a lot with references and respect to the traditions in both of our cultures. We both have roots in strong design cultures. And with studying, researching and moving constantly between our two countries, it has become such a natural part of us, that it will also show in our work.” - GamFratesi
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