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Brokis Ivy

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Brokis Ivy
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Product Specifications
Product Code: LA5573
Manufacturer's Warranty: 2 years
Product Description
Brokis Ivy.

Nature and its life-giving beauty and strength serve as the model for a unique lighting concept called Ivy. Just as the plant grows and climbs up the walls of a house, creating multiple images, Ivy offers a special system of modular components, thanks to which it can be used to achieve a highly innovative take on decorative lighting in both vertical and horizontal compositions. The collection features three sizes in opal or smoke glass. Variable, elegant, and precise in workmanship down to the smallest detail, Ivy is a high-tech lighting concept well suited to both commercial and residential applications. In intimate home settings, for example, a single branch can be used. The elegant branches can be hung separately or joined together to create a curtain of light, as they do for the Das Haus installation, where Ivy forms a notional curtain above a deeply inset bathtub. Ivy has many forms and justly takes its place among artistic, so-called bespoke, lighting installations.