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Tom Dixon Void

Void was designed by Tom Dixon in 2009 and is the result of a complex process to create an elegant pendant with a concealed light source. Cut from a sheet of solid steel, each light is pressed and spun, then brazed to form a double-walled shade. At the end of this process, each light is hand polished to grant the highly reflective surface that Tom Dixon has become known for. Tom Dixon Void references the colours of Olympic medals, with each creation providing an ultra modern and unique lighting solution for your space. Void offers a sculptural element even when turned off and can be displayed individually or as a cluster for a more dramatic effect.

Each light in the Void range is fitted with a custom Tom Dixon LED module, which is expertly concealed and emits a direct but glare free illumination. The LED harnesses many advantages including a longer life expectancy and better energy efficiency than that of other LED light sources.

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