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Pablo Luci

The Luci collection by Pablo Designs features portable and rechargeable lights that encourage mobility and allow you to move the light source from room to room. Designed by Pablo Pardo, Luci features a table lamp and floor lamp, both with a simplistic and wire-free structure. The elegant lighting solutions are both rated IP54, allowing for use in both indoor and outdoor settings, the LED light source is fitted into the head of the light and presents an intimate and glare-free downlight. Pablo Luci features an integrated touch dimmer with a dim-to-warm system. This allows you to not only control the brightness of the LED output but also the colour temperature.

Both Luci products are crafted from recyclable materials and boast a highly efficient light source, providing on average a 50,000-hour use lifespan. With a 6-hour charge time and 18-180 hours of battery life, the Pablo Designs Luci is an elegant and dynamic lighting solution for residential and commercial spaces.

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