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Artemide Silent Field 2.0 Direct + Indirect Light LED

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Artemide Silent Field 2.0 Direct + Indirect Light LED
Product Specifications
Product Code: LA5928/B
Designer: Carlotta de Bevilacqua Laura Pessoni
Integral LED:
Direct: 35W, 3000K, 2085 lumens
Indirect: 40W, 3000K, 3191 lumens
Push to make/switch dimming or DALI dimming systems. Please consult your electrician, additional wiring may be required on site.
Ø100 cm
max 200cm drop height
Ø 30 cm ceiling rose
Manufacturer's Warranty: 2-year standard warranty
5-year extended warranty If you register your product online within 2 months of purchase
IP Code:20
Product Description

Silent Field 2.0 Direct + Indirect by Artemide

List Price: £2,062.80
Please contact us for further information and pricing.

A light that does not invade the room but rather becomes part of it. The suspension light has sound control properties and can absorb sounds of various frequencies produced by the human voice. The sound absorption is guaranteed from the varying densities of the material on the 1m2 surface. The large surface of the Silent Field has 12 integrated LED units, offering an even and comfortable ambience in the room.

The large surface of the light has numerous hollows, like moon craters, with a varying depth and size. The geometry and different density of the 'craters' are the properties than ensure sound absorption. The colours were specifically chosen to reflect simultaneously contrast and visual perception with a choice of primary and secondary shades. For a harmonious colour use, the suspensions' surface is injected with monochrome or multi-coloured elements. The light is available in three colours, black, white or orange.

A light for all shorts of settings, whether it is residential, public or professional spaces. By installing a Silent Field 2.0 light, you can easily recreated or redesign any space. Silent Field 2.0 creates a sense of belonging. The suspension is also available in a Silent Field 2.0 Direct light option.