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LYFA is the second oldest lighting company in Denmark, founded in 1903 with the aim to create lighting designs for all occasions and to be the light in everyone's daily life. The concept behind the company is to design 'the good light', a concept that has stayed the same since 1903. LYFA prides itself on crafting and exploring lighting designs that build on decades of proud traditions within Danish design. By the 1930s, LYFA had won multiple awards for its spectacular lamps and successful partnerships with designers such as Bent Karlby and Simon P. Henningsen. These collaborations resulted in iconic products and designs that are still just as popular today as they were in 1930.

In 1998 LYFA, unfortunately, was forced to close its doors and the switch to one of Denmark's oldest lighting companies was turned off. LYFA has been sat untouched for decades until 2020 when the company relaunched itself at the Copenhagen 3 Days of Design. The design director and owner of LYFA stated 'our designs, philosophy and approach to lighting deserves recognition and seeing the light of day once again. I wanted to bring the lamps up-to-date and fitting contemporary living while staying true to the original design language'. This demonstrates the passion and timeless nature of the company as they make their return.

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