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Jordi Vilardell

Jordi Vilardell / Image Credits: Vibia
Jordi Vilardell was born in Barcelona in 1960, and studied industrial design at the Escola Superior de Disseny (ESDi) before joining Vibia as a full-time designer in 1983. Vilardell specialises in both decorative and technical lighting projects and utilises pure lines and elegant designs - he is best known for his uncommon vision and style. In 1998, Vilardell founded his own studio in the heart of Barcelona.

Vilardell has designed a wide range of lighting solutions for all types of living spaces, and his work with Vibia earned him the 'Best Outdoor Lighting Collection' award in 2012. Among other brands, he works closely with Vibia and has designed some of their most iconic pieces, including the Puck Wall Lights, the Slim Pendants and the unique Meridiano lights.

"The hardest aspect in designing a light fixture is almost always its luminous element. In this case, we needed to find a balance between efficiency and the decorative vision of the composition, both in its turned-on and turned-off version. The shape of the light source had to accompany the luminous response, with the aim to achieve a homogeneous lighting effect in the edges of the composition" - Jordi Vilardell on the Puck collection.
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