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Ernesto Gismondi

Ernesto Gismondi
Ernesto Gismondi was a founding member of the Artemide Group and has created iconic designs such as the Artemide Nur collection and the Discovery Lights. These collections display Ernesto Gismondi's eye for simplicity and modernity. With a history in engineering and designing Rocket Missiles, Gismondi uses his innovative thinking and passion for functionality to create these stunning lighting solutions.

Ernesto Gismondi is also passionate about energy-saving solutions within the lighting industry that benefit, not only the user but also the planet. However, he does not sacrifice the look and functionality of the product. The Discovery Collection, for example, uses lightweight aluminum as a frame and a technopolymer that goes unnoticed when switched off and transforms when switched on. His creativity with light and ability to use light within his designs makes his products truly unique. For example, the Ilio collection casts a bright upwards light that magically brightens up a room. The simple design masks the complex thinking and engineering behind it.
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