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DCW editions is a producer of objects, based in Paris with a keen interest in timeless luminaires that never give in to fashion. Their work began in 2008, when DCW editions produced the work of inventor Bernard-Albin Gras and his Gras lamp, the starting point for modern lighting, and the 20th Century’s first articulated lamp. The original Gras lamp, as it was named after its creator, was surprisingly simple, robust and very ergonomic in design. 2013 saw DCW editions release Bernard Schottlander’s Mantis lamps which were created in 1951 in homage to Alexander Calder and emblematic of the 1950’s.

The work of DCW editions and the lighting solutions they create can be described as true honest and able to stand the test of time. Each object created by the French studio is both well designed and well made with the ability to combine unique design with longevity. With a commitment to remarkable craftsmanship and a deep appreciation for design lineage, DCW editions offer a captivating range of lights that can elevate a multitude of spaces with their elegance and sophistication. Collaboration is a key aspect of the brand's work, they now work alongside a large bank of visionary designers from around the world to create objects that push the boundaries of creativity. DCW editions are committed to creating timeless and honest objects. Their lighting will stand the test of time and are a true companion.

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