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Catellani & Smith was founded in 1989 by Enzo Catellani when he discovered his passion for the field, his continuous observance of his products and the need for experimentation led him to his first creation, successfully presented at the Frankfurt Environmental Fair and resulting in a wave of interest in his designs. The company aims to create aesthetically and technologically advanced lighting solutions, producing products that border art and design. Catellani & Smith meets the needs of their clientele, a collection of customers who share and appreciate the value of high-quality design and originality.

The brand has been around for now over 30 years, but Since 1989 things have changed, the firm has grown, production has increased, and research on the back of technology. Now they can do much more and every year sees the release of new innovative products. Their lights are handcrafted in Italy, further strengthening their presence in the lighting market worldwide.

"At the end of the day they are simply lamps. But I put all of myself into them, all my research, attention, and expression. And I expect everyone working with me to do the same. It is a question of respect for those who believe in us and are moved by our products. I’m not a designer. I’m not an artist. And I don’t want to be either. I’m a person who loves what he does. Then other people like it too." - Enzo Catellani

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