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Founded in 1978 by Roland Gill and Andris Nolendorfs, Zero is a family-run company that aims to manufacture unique lighting solutions for all types of interiors. Zero are based in Pukeberg, which is the hub of Swedish glass production and for this reason, the brand utilises the material combined with modern technology. Their work hasn't always been this way, in the early days Zero focused on the possibilities of sheet metal thanks to its two founders becoming acquainted with designer duo Börge Lindau & Bo Lindekrantz - who's work focused on light fixtures made of perforated metal. Upon their encounter, Gill and Nolendorfs decided to begin their own journey and Zero Lighting was born.

Until the mid-1980s, Lindau & Lindekrantz were the only Zero designers. Thereafter a long and prolific collaboration also began with Per Sundstedt, designer and lighting consultant, whose products live on today. In 2005, a whole new period began in Zero’s life. They started collaborating with the most recognised Swedish designers of the day, such as Mattias Ståhlbom, Thomas Bernstrand, Fredrik Mattson and Front. The success of these collaborations has led to almost half of their fittings being designed from 2005 onwards. Today Zero is an internationally well-established company with designers from around the world.

Zero Lighting follow three key principles in their work: quality, environmental care and innovation, and these three values are apparent throughout all of their work. Zero's unique blend of functionality and aesthetics revitalises both commercial and residential spaces across the world, garnering recognition in Sweden and beyond.

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