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Warm Nordic

from David Village Lighting

Founded by Frantz Longhi, Warm Nordic offers classic and contemporary Scandinavian lighting and furniture designs. For many years, Frantz Longhi had been collecting classic 50s and 60s Scandinavian furniture and lighting at auctions. After being asked many times about pieces from his collection, Longhi contacted the descendants of the original designers with the idea of injecting new life into the designs which were no longer being produced. Huge support was received from the designers' families and so now, old famous Scandinavian design icons have been brought back to life in the Warm Nordic Collection.

Warm Nordic's lighting is a hand-picked collection of Svend Aage Holm-Sørensen's original 1950s designs. Svend Aage Holm-Sørensen played an important role in Danish lighting design and his designs became iconic within the Danish furniture and lighting world.

All of Warm Nordic's products embrace the timeless Nordic spirit, understanding of materials and traditional craftsmanship. The name Warm Nordic purposefully contrasts the cold weather associated with Scandinavia to reflect the warmth of Scandinavian style and way of life. As Frantz Longhi states, “Sure, it can be cold outside, but the atmosphere indoors is warm. The style isn’t about excessive decoration, but about a warm, authentic look."









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