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Louis Poulsen PH Whole Numbers

Louis Poulsen's PH Whole Numbers was designed by the renowned, Poul Henningsen. He designed hundreds of lamps based on the three-shade system he developed in 1926. However, the PH Whole Number Pendant is the first pendant which offers mixed materials for the tiers for this shade. The pendant emits a diffused and comfortable glare-free light, characteristic of the original three-shade system. The shade of the pendant is available with white opal glass or soft-touch black painted metal with a white interior. Where the metal shades with the white painted inner sides reflect downward light, the metal top shade combined with sheer opal glass middle and lower shades in three-layered mouth-blown opal glass creates a warm glow around the pendant too. A diffuser in frosted glass is provided and easy to insert at the bottom of the shade for an even softer light distribution.

Many of Poulsens' lamp designs include a number that refers to the shade sizes of each particular fixture. The PH 5/5 is described as a ‘whole’ sized pendant, characterised by its appealing compact semblance with the top shade of approximately 50 cm corresponding with the middle and lower shade in the proportions of 3:2:1.

The PH Whole Numbers collection by Louis Poulsen is available in two different sizes: 3/3 and 5/5. The shade material has three different options: opal glass, metal and opal glass with metal.

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