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Axolight Float

The Float collection by Axolight is an incredibly versatile range of lights, offering three models - a table lamp, floor lamp and multifunctional portable lamp head. Each application serves a different purpose, but all are available in five earthy colours, a rechargeable light source and an IP55 rating.

Designed by Mario Alessiano, the Axolight Float lighting solutions utilise a metal lamp head fitted with a polycarbonate diffuser, the result is a soft glare-free downlight that produces a halo-like glow and illuminates the surface below. This lamp head also includes a 5-step touch dimmer that allows you to personalise the ambience of your space and navigate from day to night. The head of the Axolight Float is easily removed from whichever body you choose for easy charging, it offers over 9 hours of autonomy and can be fully charged within 4 hours via a standard USB cable.

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