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Anglepoise Original 1227

The Original 1227 collection by Anglepoise is a British design classic, it was the first ever tension spring table lamp. The design was developed by industrial designer George Cawardine in the 1930's, allowing for the lamp's to provide full flexibility and the arms to be adjusted while still ensuring stability in all positions. The name "Anglepoise" refers to the lamp's ability to keep its poise at all angles.

The Angelpoise desk light was the first creation in this collection and is a true piece of British cultural history. The famous writer Roald Dahl wrote many of his novels by the light of an Anglepoise lamp, resulting in the Anglepoise Giant being created to be displayed in the Roald Dahl museum. The Original 1227 collection includes lights of various sizes, suitable for a multitude of uses: table lamps, wall lamps and even pendant lights that fully rely on the shade's high recognition value. The lighting solutions are also available in many colours, allowing you to personalise your space.

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