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Porta Romana Big Bang Lantern

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Porta Romana Big Bang Lantern
Product Specifications
Product Code: LA7801
Lamp Type: Halogen Energy Saver
Halopin 40w (33w eco)
Dimensions: Height: 340 mm
Width: 300 mm
Minimum Drop: 385 mm
Manufacturer's Warranty: 2 year warranty on all products (except lampshades which have a 1 year warranty)
Product Description

Porta Romana Big Bang Lantern is a ceiling light inspired by the moon, space and the big bang!

An explosion of Mica is suddenly frozen and fixed in place at the moment that the glass hardens, creating a spectacular pattern, unique to each piece. The Big Bang Lantern is blown with a dilute mix of Olive to lend a subtle antiquity to its colouring. Layers of glass and the addition of the almost mercury like sheets of Mica, the result is something magical and impressive

Prices from: £2436.00

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