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Bocci 84.3

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Bocci 84.3
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Product Specifications
Product Code: LA5013
Manufacturer's Warranty: 2 years
IP Code:20
Product Description

Bocci 84.3.

A white glass bubble is captured inside a fine copper mesh basket and then plunged into hot clear glass. Air is blown into the matrix to gently push the white glass through the mesh, creating a delicate pillowed form that is suspended inside the thick outer layer of clear glass. Sometimes the copper mesh basket folds and crinkles, adding specificity to each piece.

Strain relief hardware (84.1 to 84.7): cable lengths can be set and re-set on site using an Allen key. Each pendant comes standard with 10’ of coax cable. Canopy attaches directly to standard junction box.

Headphone jack hardware (84.11 to 84.36 & custom): allows the installer to attach the canopy to the ceiling before “plugging in” the individual pendants one by one.

Lamp options (Included)
LED 1.8W
10W Xenon