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Mullan Lighting is a designer lighting brand based in Mullan village, on the border with Northern Ireland. The village was once a bustling factory town until the local shoe factory closed its doors in 1970. The village lay abandoned until 2008 when Mullan Lighting was established in the old shoe factory and it quickly brought life back not only to the factory building but to the village in general. This close-net team of designers and craftspeople that make up Mullan are so passionate about the company and its philosophy that a few have taken up residency in the old village houses.

This passion can be seen in the products and designs that they make, from the simple bulbs to the complex suspensions. Mullan lighting strives to become a permanent fixture for all your lighting needs. Their bespoke designs and individual products all boast of Mullan's commitment to providing an ultimately timeless appearance and quality. With a mixture of clean lines and vintage character, Mullan can cater to all your lighting needs and wants as their passion can be seen in everything they do.

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