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Massimo Minale

Massimo Minale
Massimo Minale is a British architect and industrial designer, he is also the founder of Buster + Punch. After studying at Cambridge and Bartlett School of Architecture Minale worked at Foster & Partners, a hugely successful architecture firm. He spent his days working at the firm and his evenings working in his garage building custom motorcycles. It wasn't long before the people he supplied with his custom bikes began asking Minale to make things for their homes.

In 2013 he took the leap and founded Buster + Punch, crafting exciting interior fittings made from rare, solid materials which would empower people to stand out from the crowd. Buster + Punch craft unexpected and elegant interior products, that are inspired by inspired by London’s fashion, music and sub-culture scenes. They also regularly collaborate with street artists, bike builders and fashion designers to inject attitude into their products. Massimo Minales goal is to transform forgotten home fittings into the unforgettable.

““We want to ruffle feathers and get people talking – whether they love or hate us. It’s really important that we are original and bring something new to the market every time we make a product.” " - Massimo Minale
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