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Iskos-Berlin / Image Credits: Muuto
Iskos-Berlin are a Copenhagen-based design duo, consisting of Boris Berlin and Aleksej Iskos. The pair met whilst working at Komplot Design, Berlin was the co-founder and Iskos was an assistant. They decided to join forces and in the year 20120, Iskos-Berlin was formed, this long and fruitful cooperation has allowed them to develop a shared philosophy of design. The duo see design as storytelling, wanting to create products that people understand but are still amazed by.

As part of Komplot Design Boris Berlin received numerous Design Awards and distinctions and is represented in several Design Museums around the World. And Aleksej Iskos has various works included in collections of The Designmuseum Danmark, The State Art Council collection and the Icelandic Museum of Design.

"We see design as an art of storytelling. This story is normally quite complex, consisting of semantics, morphology, materiality, the technology of objects and many other elements. But the clearer your story is, the more likely people are to understand it. The more surprising you make your story, the more likely they are to remember it. And finally, the more you make people smile, the more likely they are to love it." - Iskos-Berlin
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