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Christophe Mathieu

Christophe Mathieu / Photo Credits: Bover
Christophe Mathieu was born in Germany in 1961, before moving to Spain with his family. His dad was an architect, and Mathieu worked alongside him for many years before deciding to go to school to study interior design in Barcelona. After receiving his diploma in 1986 from Llotja School, Mathieu decided it was time to explore Milan and this was when he discovered his love for industrial design. Christophe Mathieu's time in Milan was full of incredible memories but after only a few years he decided it was time to return to Barcelona, and in 2000 he opened up his very own design studio in the city.

Mathieu understands that the quality of the light determines whether a lamp will last over time, and he conceives the lamp as an object with which one lives with, so it must communicate itself. Many of Christophe Mathieu's designs have become staples in the world of design and are loved by our customers.

"Over the years it has become clearer and clearer to me: I don’t think we came into this life to be bored. So, dull objects don’t interest me. I don’t like grey houses, where everything is straight and serious… and sometimes it seems that if you want something to last, it has to be serious, you know? And I don’t agree." - Christophe Mathieu
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