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Alex Fernández Camps & Gonzalo Milá

Alex Fernandez Camps & Gonzalo Mila / Image Credits: Bover
Alex Fernandez Camps is a technical architect that moved into industrial design. He has carried out multiple creations through painting, photography and design. Camps understands that functionality is crucial for human needs - and this is at the centre of his design studio's goals.

Gonzalo Mila originally studied for a career in Architecture, but his work at Miguel Mila Design Studio led him to an interest in industrial design, which he then studied before opening up his own studio in 2001.

The work of Camps and Mila is heavily based on the importance of utility, which results in the production of approachable and human designs.

"The key quality of my work is people and their needs – finding practical solutions for them and taking lots of care over the whole design as much as of its details. I like to be in close contact with reality and feel it can be improved upon in specific ways, and I do it from my modest position in the most elevated way I can." - Alex Fernandez Camps
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