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Design House Stockholm

Design House Stockholm is a unique and innovative brand that seeks to be unlike traditional design producers and function more like a publishing house, where designers and creators come to them with their ideas. Founded in 1992 by Anders Färdig, the designer brand produces lighting, furniture and objects that all generate personality and character, adding a fresh and new perspective to their respective genres.

This system of letting designers approach them has led Design House Stockholm to discover relatively unknown creators who have brilliant concepts that are worthy of developing. The best example of this is Harri Koskinen, who was still a student in Helsinki when he came to the brand with his Block Lamp. The light has since enjoyed international acclaim and success, proving that the philosophy behind Design House Stockholm can produce iconic pieces that change the face of design.

The brand also wish to create collections that exemplify the best of Scandinavian design, giving importance to producing timeless classics that transcend current trends, rather than being limited to geography or a designer’s nationality.

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