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Buster and Punch

from David Village Lighting

London based brand Buster + Punch was launched in 2013 by architect and industrial designer Massimo Buster Minale whose passion for motorcycles, metalwork and music is clearly reflected through the brand’s unique aesthetic. Buster + Punch started by making custom motorbikes in East London. They now offer a range of industrial yet elegant, crafted lighting, lamps (bulbs) and matching hardware using quality materials such as solid metals and marble.







Our top Buster and Punch picks

Buster and Punch Hooked 1.0 Pendant Light
Buster and Punch Caged 1.0 Small Ceiling and Wall Light
Buster and Punch Caged 1.0 Large Ceiling Light
Buster and Punch Hooked 3.0 Nude Pendant Chandelier Light
Buster and Punch Hooked 6.0 Nude Pendant Chandelier Light