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Since launching its new collection in 2008, Wästberg has increased in popularity and became a multi award winning brand. Founder Magnus Wästberg was born into the lighting industry, through his extensive experience he gained understanding of aesthetic sensibility, then fused with Swedish engineering. Wästberg have collaborated with well known designers such as: David Chipperfield, Ilse Crawford, James Irvine and Nendo to name a few. 

Wastberg CKR W131 Wastberg Chipperfield Wastberg Sempe














Our top Wastberg picks

Wastberg CKR w131 Suspension
Wastberg Chipperfield W102 Brass Table Lamp
Wastberg Studioilse w084 T1
Wastberg Studioilse w084 T2
Wastberg Winkel W154 Table

Wastberg - from the Village Blog

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23 August 2018 Permalink

David Village Lighting


The new refined Winkel

The new w127 Winkel is a developed version of Wastberg’s award winning and best selling task light originally introduced in 2012.


Wastberg have worked hard to refine some key areas of the lamp such as the mechanics, and operation and of course the light source.

 The w127 is the result of a collaboration between Wästberg, the Berlin-based designer Dirk Winkel and the Gemany-based chemical company BASF. They spent more than three years developing what they consider the most refined task light ever seen. 

The w127 winkel challenges the perception of plastic, going further than the norm, not only in terms of function and looks, but also in terms of the feel and tactility of the material. No second skin, no paint coat; the true, bold material in its pure form.

It is based on over 60% biologically sourced and recyclable material from the castor plant. This represents a step ahead by setting the course for producing independently of mineral oil based plastics.

Click here to view the Winkel collection!

David Village Lighting

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7 November 2017 Permalink

David Village Lighting


New from Wastberg – w171 Alma

The w171 Alma collection designed by Tham & Videgård includes a suspension, wall and ceiling.

Alma suspension can be hung freely above a table or in a large room with multiple others creating a floating point of light.


The light image of the concentric circles can be varied depending on the choice of light source. The soft shapes create a pleasant atmosphere and in daylight the satin matte finish create a beautiful statement.

With its slim silhouette, w171 alma can also be mounted directly onto the ceiling or wall.

The w171 Alma lamp was originally developed for a brand new co-working facility project in Stockholm, called Alma. Tham & Videgård was entrusted with refurbishing the five floors, and with developing the light sources of the building together with Wästberg.

Click here to view the w171 Alma!

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David Village Lighting

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15 November 2016 Permalink


Wästberg’s latest releases

Back in the summer we gave you an exclusive look at some of Wästberg’s eagerly anticipated designs. We are excited to announce that they’re now available online!

The Studioilse Collection


The studioilse Collection is designed by Ilse Crawford and includes a floor, wall and suspension version as well as two table designs. The w084 studioilse lamp uses materials that carry clear messages: iron because of its feelings of stability, reliability and trust; wood because of its warmth and life, and mineral plastic because of its intimate glow, as well as its tactility.

The w124 Lindvall Table


Designed by Jonas Lindvall the Lindvall family of lights derives from experimenting with the influence that different materials have on the emotional quality of the light they reflect. For example copper brings beautiful, deep warmth to the light. The lamp was designed to direct the light downwards, but also to help create ambiance in a room.

The W161 Marfa Table


For their architectural project, the inde/jacobs gallery building in Marfa Texas, Claesson Koivisto Rune in collaboration with Wästberg designed a task light for Mr Vilis Inde’s gallery desk.  The w161 marfa Lamp is an LED task light made out of one piece of anodized or lacquered aluminium, folded three times. When seen from the side, the lamp is merely a thin line. Minimal expression. Maximum efficiency in material, production, light and energy consumption.

The w154 Pal Table


Pal w154 is the essence of modern task lighting: an engineered but graceful construction that sets its focus on bringing high quality LED light. The all metal structure with its slim profiles and integrated mechanics allows for a smooth and easy movement. Incorporated is an 8W high-end warm LED with intelligent heat dissipation and light diffusion.

The w111 Van Severen Table


Wästberg has known designer Maarten Van Severen for years. After his death in 2005 through the relationship with Maarten’s family and Magnus Wästberg, they suggested the revival of one of Maarten’s most brilliant products – the U-line lamp – that had gone out of production with its previous manufacturer. With much improved technical performance and equipped with LED’s it is now re-named Van Severen w111.

The w163 lampyre Table


The w163 lampyre is designed by Inga Sempé and is made of two opaline glass parts, creating a calming light from base to top. Lampyre is the french name for glow-worm, which can be linked to the very natural aspect of this lamp. The w163 lampyre comes in two sizes and the light can be adjusted, perfect to enlighten any space with softness.

The w082 irvine Table


Designed by James Irvine the theme of the lamp is one of those design projects that always has to measure itself with great masterpieces from the past. The lamp can be rotated round and the arm extended. The lamp can also be made dimmable so that you can change the light intensity dependant upon what room it is situated in.

The Nendo Collection


Designed by Nendo the light fixtures are made by a system of parts. The height of the light can be easily changed by adding and rearranging the components. By attaching the wire unit to the shade, it becomes a pendant lamp and by adding a longer post makes it a floor lamp. The shade is available in three different shapes: a cone, a sphere and a cylinder. A selection of accessories - a table, a bowl and a bird-cage - made of the lamp’s standard components, are also available.

To view all of Wästberg’s latest releases click here!

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David Village Lighting

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9 February 2017 Permalink

David Village Lighting

                                      David Village Lighting                          David Village Lighting                       David Village Lighting                              

David Village Lighting

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10 January 2017 Permalink

David Village Lighting

As we head into a new year we take a look at some of our favourite design of 2016. Throughout the last year there have been many releases which have set new trends and created new ways to let you show your individuality through your interior. To celebrate 2016 and all of its beautiful lighting, above we’ve put together our 10 favourites of the last year.

Click on each of the links below to view the products!

1. Artemide Chlorophilia      2. Kartell Kids Fly       3. Louis Poulsen Cirque

4. Foscarini Aplomb Large    5. Moooi Coppelia       6. Wastberg w163 Lampyre

7. Flos Superloon   8. Louis Poulsen Mini Panthella

9. Light Years Night Owl    10.  Anglepoise Type 75 Margaret Howell

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David Village Lighting

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10 November 2016 Permalink

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8 July 2016 Permalink

Our Favourite New Products This Month!

Bover Siam


Designed by Joana Bover the beautiful SIAM lamp has an oriental feel with its clean yet stylish hand-wrapped ribbon design available in red, white or cream. The lamp can be grouped in number of formations in turn creating an elegant impact of suspended light.




Luceplan Mesh

The Luceplan Mesh is a suspension lamp offering multiple lighting scenarios for personalisation and functional performance. The lightweight, almost transparent structure is composed of a network of metal cables with the LED’s positioned at their intersections .The structure of the lamp allows freedom in the control of the lights: the intensity can be adjusted, and its possible to choose which sections to illuminate.

Original BTC

Original BTC Titian

The titian is an original 1940s design, frequently seen in factories and industrial units of the period. There is also an option for the titian with an etched glass visor which helps prevent glare and provides a softer, more diffused light.


Prandina Zerodieci

The Prandina Zerodieci Suspension S7 is a suspended lamp perfect for diffused lighting. With a matt white painted ceiling rose the lamp offers a sleek and simple yet stylish design, perfect for the home. With an opal white blown glass diffuser the lamp is available with an Eco or LED option.

Lampe Gras

 Lampe Gras Nº411 Floor

The Lampe Gras Nº411 floor lamp is perfect to use for reading and rooms suited for directed light. The lamp is created with wonderful proportions and an adjustable design which thanks to its double-elbow allows it to be rotated twice through 340°.


Santa&Cole Arne Domas

The Santa & Cole Arne Domas Hanging Lamp is both urban and elegant featuring a LED spotlight, designed in house by the Santa & Cole team. It is the expression of cutting-edge technology in its most natural form and suitable for both indoor and outdoor use with an IP 55 rating.

Artuo alvarez

Artuo Alvarez Temp Vivace

The Arturo Alvarez Tempo Vivace is a pendant lamp made with painted stainless steel mesh. This material, crafted in fine pleats, forms two overlapped layers that create two different soft flowing effects.


Anglepoise Original 1227 Giant Brass Wall

Sophisticated brass detailing on the fittings and fasteners, an engraved brass fork block logo badge and a carefully chosen five-shade colour palette makes the Original 1227 Giant Brass wall mounted lamp a serious investment piece. The articulated arm provides total flexibility, allowing smaller spaces to enjoy some over-sized chic.


Vibia Mayfair Floor/ Suspension

The Mayfair lamps are a Diego Fortunato design. The entire Mayfair collection incorporates LED lighting and comes in various finishes: Green or Orange, Graphite or White and Gold or Copper.


 Wästberg W151 Extra Large Pendant

The Wästberg W151 Extra Large Pendant is based on the most basic of geometrical shapes, the cone. The lamp comes in three variations: the tall and narrow, the conical and the coolie. All three are super-sized, pushing the limits of manufactured spun aluminium, yet it will still fit through a normal doorframe. 

With these new products comes more so keep your eyes peeled for the latest designs!

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David Village Lighting

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17 June 2016 Permalink

Clerkenwell Design Week 2016 - Photo Diary

Clerkenwell Design Week 2016

&Tradition at ICON House of Culture:

Clerkenwell Design Week 2016 &Tradition

Catellani & Smith:

Clerkenwell Design Week 2016 Catellani & Smith

Clerkenwell Design Week 2016 Catellani & Smith

Clerkenwell Design Week 2016 Catellani & Smith

Clerkenwell Design Week 2016 Catellani & Smith


Clerkenwell Design Week 2016 Wastberg

Zero Lighting at Design Fields:

Clerkenwell Design Week 2016 Zero Lighting

Clerkenwell Design Week 2016 Zero Lighting

Orsjo Belysning:

Clerkenwell Design Week 2016 Orsjo Belysning

Clerkenwell Design Week 2016 Orsjo Belysning

New collections and colour finishes will be available very soon, it was a delight to see these product updtaes for 2016. Keep your eyes peeled for the latest on these decorative brands...

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David Village Lighting

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New Brand: Wästberg Lighting

26 January 2016 Permalink

New up and coming brand Wästberg launched their first collection in 2008, ever since it has grown in popularity and won numerous awards. Amongst these include the 2013 Wallpaper* Design Awards which Wästberg won for their contemporary Sempé collection.

Wastberg Chipperfield

The brand saw a lot of success with their collaborations with well known designers, as featured above is the Chipperfield w102 table lamp as created by famous architect David Chipperfield.

Wastberg CKR W131

CKR w131 suspension lights offer a unique form with a wide range of colours to choose from. Claesson Koivisto Rune designed these pendants mixing an old concept with new technology, creating a minimal yet surprisingly modern outcome. CKR’s compact form means they display very effectively as a cluster at different lengths.

Wastberg Sempe

Sempé w153 table lamp is part of the collection which won Wästberg a design award. This highly versatile lighting feature can be orientated as a table lamp, can be clamped on surfaces or mounted onto walls. Available in a wide selection of colours, there will be one to suit your space.

Wastberg Lindvall

Our favourite from the Lindvall collection is the w124s metallic suspension lights. Jonas Lindvall designed this archetypical lamp inspired by its original predecessors, such as the oil burners and kerosene lamps he grew up with.

View these popular collections and more on the Wästberg brand page…

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David Village Lighting

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