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Welcome to Centrelight.com - Specialists in OVERSIZED LIGHTING - centre pieces for large spaces - visually stunning or understated centrelights that create impact and make statements. This collection brings together the best of Europe’s manufacturers to provide 'off the peg' Centrelights or bespoke creations. Contact us with your Centrelight dream and let us turn it into reality.

Centrelights for hotels - Centrelights for restaurants - Centrelights for commercial foyers - Centrelights for hospital public areas - Centrelights for receptions - Centrelights for the hospitality industry - Centrelights for large domestic spaces.










Our top Centrelight.com picks

Centrelight Alfi Corten
Centrelight LLDPE Globes Suspension
Libre Circular Suspension Lamp
Centrelight Collezione Completa Single Tier- 150cmØ
Centrelight Mae Suspension 60cmØ

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David Village Lighting


Specialists in oversized lighting, Centrelight.com are dedicated to finding you the perfect statement piece.


Centrelight is a collection which brings together the best of Europe’s manufactures to provide ‘off the peg’ bespoke creations.

Centrelight’s visually stunning designs are suited to for both residential and commercial spaces. Contact us for more information and let us find the perfect Centrelight piece for you.

Click here to view the Centrelight collection!

1. Centrelight Highlight 2    2. Centrelight Aquarius Chandelier

3. Centrelight Chico Suspension Light   4. Centrelight Fai Chandelier

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