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AXO Light was established in Venice in 1996, and they quickly became one of the most dynamic companies in the rich and complex world of Italian design. They combined Italian passion for design and flair, and the marked international vocation of a young, enthusiastic team to produce and design exciting collections featuring high quality contemporary design. AXO Light maintain during manufacture the blown glass tradition of Artisan workmanship of its Venetian origins; combined with avant-garde lighting technique and innovative materials such as Vicenze stone, bamboo and silk, and techniques drawn from expert craftsmanship.

















Our top AXO Light picks

Axo Light Clavius 60/40 Suspension
AXO Light Uriel Wall Piccola - Chrome
Axo Spillray 12 Cluster Suspension (Coloured)
Axo Spillray 6 Linear Suspension (Coloured)
AXO Light Clavius Suspension - 60

AXO Light - from the Village Blog

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13 December 2018 Permalink

David Village Lighting’s collection of the month: Melting Pot by Axo Light

During the month, we have been adding lots of new and exciting products onto our website. And one collection we are particularly excited about is the Melting Pot collection from Axo Light. With an eye-catching, sophisticated pattern design (in both dark and light shades) on the exterior, and with gold and chrome interiors available, this elegant collection will add refined, tasteful effect to any contemporary space. And with a variety of sizes and styles to choose from, we are sure there will be something for everyone.

 So, here at David Village Lighting, we thought we would spotlight some of our favourite pieces for you. This is one not to miss!

This impressive floor lamp takes on different appearances when viewed from different angles due to its stylish decorative lampshade pattern.

Check out this stunning floor lamp, available in 2 sizes. This distinguished piece will be a welcome addition to any interior space, especially in living rooms and areas of required comfort. This piece will surely add an eye-catching effect to the room, while also complimenting existing interior design.

Oozing elegance and style, this highly unique canopy pendant piece incorporates a traditional conical design with a contemporary twist to create a glorious effect.

This gorgeous large melting pot canopy pendant is for those who want to make a lasting impression. Graceful in appearance and manner, this stunning piece is undoubtedly a show-stopper, updating a traditional conical shape by incorporating various patterns. The unique design and shape of the canopy light changes when you view it from different directions, making this retro, yet modern piece, ideal for illuminating tables and rooms with high ceiling due to its size.

Combining 4 different aesthetically pleasing lampshades to create an astounding illusion, the Melting pot XL pendant is truly inspirational piece of interior lighting.

Taking a modern twist on previous designs that have clustered together pendant lights, the Melting Pot XL pendant is a marvellous piece from Axo Light. 4 different design patterns have been merged to create a single piece, giving the viewer a different perspective of the light depending on where they are standing. Due to its length, this piece would make a fantastic addition to a long dining table or on top of a kitchen counter, yet would equally suit commercial settings, such as hotels and restaurants. Wherever it is placed, the light will surely be a hot talking point!

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New Collections on AXO

3 August 2016 Permalink



Here at David Village Lighting we’ve expanded our Axo online collection.

We’ve picked out some of our favourites which you can discover and more online by clicking here.


From Left to Right, Top to Bottom

AX20 Suspension    Cyma Wall     OBI Table

Crystal Spotlight Recessed    Virtus Wall    Explo Suspension

Hoops Suspension  Stilla Suspension   Melting Pot Suspension 


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David Village Lighting


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26 August 2016 Permalink

Our Favourite New Products of the Month!

This month we’ve been busy adding lots of new and exciting products to our website. We’ve picked out some of our favourites to share with you!

Fontana Arte Avico Outdoor Suspension

Fontana Arte

The Fontana Arte Avico is a beautiful extra large, big- impact suspension lamp.  The semispherical shaped lamp is designed to be situated outdoors with and an IP 55 rating. The lamp is made with a translucent white polyethylene diffuser and an iron canopy with an anodized aluminium colour finish. The Lamp can be fitted with a lower disc which covers and the hides the light sources, this is sold as a separate accessory.

AXO Light Hoops


The Axo Hoops is a collection of ceiling and suspension lamps with interchangeable elements in three different shapes and sizes. The shade is an attachment of 24k gold finish circular pieces which can emit light upwards and downwards at the same time. 

Vibia Puck & Puck Wall Art


The Puck Wall Light and Wall Art collection is created by Jordi Vilardell. The collection is one which expresses light using circular forms and by using a LED source it creates  a warm, even and glare-free light.  The wall light features a matt triple opal blown glass diffuser and be can customised into a wide range of lighting compositions which are superimposed over one another to create a personalised wall art. The Puck Wall’s versatility means it works well either on it’s on or groped together.

Muuto Accessories


Muuto have been adding to their accessory and furniture collections and we love it all! Featured above are the Framed Mirrors and the Five Pouf. The Framed collection is a series of mirrors in two sizes and three colour versions. The mirrors can be hung either on their own or in groups to create an almost art-like mirror installation on the wall, they are well suited to be used in bathrooms and other wet rooms.

The Five Pouf which is designed by Anderssen & Voll evokes visions of neatly ploughed fields. The Five Pouf’s rows of quilted tailored material make it versatile and easily adaptable to multiple settings.  The pouf’s pentagon form is the ideal shape to accompaniment any sofa, to be used as an extra seat for a guest or to simply liven up a dull corner.

Artemide Meteorite Table


The Meteorite is a collection which has five different versions: table, table with stem, floor, wall/ceiling and suspension. The Meteorite Stem Table 15 and 35 feature a chromed aluminium and steel stem with a blown glass diffuser. The diffuser is made with a double layer of artistic glass which is obtained through a ‘stampo a fermo’ mould-blowing technique. 

Moooi Coppelia Chandelier


We’ve already featured this chandelier but we love it so much we’re showing it off again! The Coppélia design is a new interpretation of a classic chandelier created by established Japanese designer Arihiro Miyake. The design was inspired by a ballerina’s sinuous moment and creates a delicate image in the air. Powered by a low voltage current, the design has no need for additional wires.

Fabbian Roofer


Youthful is the most appropriate adjective to describe this collection of hanging lamps designed by Benjamin Hubert. The inspiration for the design came from roof tiles and they were also the idea behind the shape of the single elements which are attached by hand. The scales are made in a semi-rigid rubbery material which can be machine washed at 30 degrees.  The indoor lamp collection is available in five different shapes and sizes and can be hung either using a cable or fitted directly to the ceiling rose.

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David Village Lighting

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Pink Power

16 August 2016 Permalink

In this month Elle Decoration the answer to what is the coolest colour to have in your home right now is pink, and we agree!


(Kartell Fly)

The 21st century has seen a change in the meaning of colours and in pinks case, has had a total revamp in the way it’s used for interior design. The gender stereotypes of the colour pink have broken free and with new blush shades it has become a colour now men would consider for their home.

Love it or hate it pink is certain to make a bold statement to any room and with a rise in its popularity means a rise in designs, some with a more delicate touch making it easy to add a hint of pink to your home. 

To give you a little inspiration we’ve picked out some of the hottest pinks around!


David Village Lighting

Muuto Ambit     Louis Poulsen Collage    Axo Light Muse

&Tradition Copenhagen    Kartell Maui    Foscarini Supernova

Kartell Frilly    Kartell Lou Lou Ghost   Kundalini Floob

Kartell Bloom     Moooi Lolita

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David Village Lighting         



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Award Winning AXO Mountain View Suspension

17 December 2015 Permalink

Axo Light Mountain View

An item highly anticipated since Euroluce Milan 2015, Mountain View Suspension by Axo Light! This pendant light is completely dedicated to the purity of nature and its enchanting beauty. As the name suggests, the shade diffuser is a 3D model of a mountain scene which is illuminated from above to imitate the sun.

Blown glass is formed by master craftsmen, which is hand made into this stunning pendant shade of intricate design. A choice of grey or amber lacquer finish can be applied to the mountain form to make the design stand out, or the crystal glass finish can be selected as a more subtle look.Chrome or gold plated structures can give the effect of a warm or cool light, allowing customers to pick the atmosphere their lighting creates.

Axo Light Mountain View

The Mountain View suspension light is a versatile lighting feature. Its size lends itself to commercial spaces or as a statement decorative item for home interiors.

Axo Light was the winner of Interior Design’s Best of Years Awards, in the category ‘Lighting Pendant’. Out competing other highly reputable brands, Axo Light’s creative vision of Mountain View has captured the interest and desire of those who have seen it.

 Shop Mountain View

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David Village Lighting

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Axo Fedora Collection – Chrome

7 October 2015 Permalink

Axo Light Fedora has been a very popular product since its release, after a lot of intrigue was created at Euroluce Milan earlier in the year. Russian Designer Dima Loginoff took inspiration from the traditional icon of her country, the Russian doll. The humble, handmade looking trinkets were re-imagined by Loginoff to create a luxury and stylish finish, with shiny metallic finish and decorative glass trim.

Axo Fedora Chrome

The range is available in a variation of designs 3, 6, 12 drop clusters, 7 drop in linear formation and the single pendant. On its release the Fedora was available in bronze and rose gold, but now there is a new addition of chrome. This cool tone metallic shade is a new option for the fedora range, giving more choice to interior colour schemes.

Axo Fedora Chrome

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David Village Lighting

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Axo at Euroluce 2015

23 April 2015 Permalink

Axo euroluce 2015 Krys pendant

Axo euroluce 2015 fedora pendant

Axo euroluce 2015 melting pot pendant

Axo lighting euroluce

From our visit to Euroluce Milan 2015, here are some hightlights from the brand Axo. Showcasing new products and additions to existing collections,  featuring their unique style and experimentation with materials. 

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Bronze addition from Axo!

13 April 2015 Permalink

Axo spillray bronze single suspension

Axo Spillray Bronze 12 suspension

The new additions to the Axo Spillray collection are the bronze effect glass in single and cluster pendants. With the metallic theme being increasingly influential, Axo has made this stunning addition to the ever popular Spillray family. The elegant bronze glass is available only in their pendants, from single drop to the 12 cluster installation. The single drop pendants are suitable for residential and commercial spaces, they can be subtle in their minimal appearance and thin suspension cable yet elegant with their eye catching new bronze exterior. The clusters come in sets of 3, 6, 10 and 12 which work perfectly in large spaces or above furniture such as tables, this makes the collection versatile to what environments suit it. The cluster pendants have quite a unique look to them because of the different sized shades used, also the varying drop lengths to create a bold lighting installation.

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Axo Nafir By Karim Rashid

31 March 2014 Permalink

The Nafir collection has been created for Axo by award winning designer Karim Rashid. Nafir has been nominated for the German Design Award 2014, the highest official recognition for design excellence in Germany. It is awarded by the Federal Minister for Economics and Technology and is organized by the German Design Council, one of the world's leading centers of expertise on design today. The Nafir collection features suspension, ceiling, and recessed lights. The range is available in a variety of finishes and all the lights use the latest energy saving LED technology.

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