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Modoluce - David Village Lighting’s best kept secret

30 November 2018

Modoluce - David Village Lighting’s best kept secret 

It’s been over a year since we introduced the Italian brand Modoluce onto our website and we are delighted by the quality of the products and designs we have received. As Modoluce is a new brand here at David Village Lighting, we want to spotlight this amazing, up-and-coming brand with our customers by sharing some of their best selling products. Modoluce is absolutely a brand to watch!

Ideal for commercial spaces, the Modoluce Discovalante is an eye-catching, yet professional piece to add to any communal area.

The Discovalante is a bestseller for Modoluce and you can see why! This highly versatile suspension light is a piece that is highly suited to corporate spaces. The light is dimmable, allowing this piece to easy fit into any contemporary interior, while also providing a changeable atmosphere. Embellished with a fabric belt, the Discovalante features functionality and beauty. Available in 2 sizes.

The Modoluce Orb is a highly versatile piece, using traditional designs with a modern twist.

With the choice of a single suspension or a cluster composition, the Modoluce Orb is a modern take on a traditional design. The Orb comes with a globe diffuser in smoked PMMA and with a painted metal structure. 5 colours are available, highlighting the versatile nature of this pendant light.  

Icaro Ball is a unique and playful design, an eye-catching piece for any modern space.

The Modoluce Icaro Ball is another best selling product from Modoluce, and we can clearly see why. This suspension light is like nothing seen before, with the light source being encased by painted steel wires. Its shape is emphasised through light, which is diffused evenly and delicately. The Icaro ball is dimmable and uses a Halogen 70W to create a warm, glowing atmosphere. Choose from 3 sizes, suitable to exterior use.

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