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Staff Picks: Eva's March Lighting Favourites

9 February 2023

Eva in the David Village Lighting Showroom

At David Village Lighting, we are all inspired about the world of lighting and we know a compelling product when we see one. We find ourselves falling in love with a new product on almost a daily basis.

We all have favourite pieces - so why not share them? We are starting the new year with a new tradition! What better way to showcase our products than to shine a light on the lights that we personally love the most!

So if you are currently on the look out for some new lighting for your space, check out our top picks of the month, courtesy of our Retail Sales Consultant Eva.

Foto 91-015.jpg

Flos OK LED Suspension in Black

The multi functional OK light comprises of a flat LED disk which can be moved vertically up and down the tensioned steel cable. The OK pendant lamp is perfect for adjustable illumination in task orientated rooms.

"The Flos OK suspension is a master of flexibility, I am constantly adjusting lights to either direct down or towards the wall and this is exactly what this was made for. It can be used anywhere but I love the idea of working on the sofa with some task lighting and then unwinding by moving the light to create an indirect ambient effect." - Eva


Santa & Cole Moragas Table Lamp in Sapeli

The Moragas lamp was designed by Antoni de Moragas, for use in his office. The shade holds three light bulbs inside to provide an even light, creating an elegant and warm ambience for use in a range of settings.

"This table lamp is rich in tones, textures and light; I think it’s the perfect answer to elevating a standard table lamp. The cylindrical shape is sleek and modernises the traditional finishes of the base and shade. I would love this in a hallway on a sideboard for a homely welcoming glow." - Eva


Marset Vetra LED Pendant in Amber

Minimal, classic and muted are the first impressions of the Vetra by Joan Gaspar for Marset. Once illuminated, Vetra gives a surprising glowing, opal effect which is timeless and comforting. Marset Vetra gives off more light than one would expect,

"As a big fan of all things retro this light is a favourite. Perfect for dining because of its glare free light, if hung low the Vetra creates an intimate setting and a really homely glow. The shape is bold but soft and welcomes you to sit around it." - Eva


Gubi Timberline Floor Lamp in Oak

The Timberline is a true embodiment of Scandinavian design. The design comes from Caprani's fascination with nature, named after the tree line level, where trees stop growing and rocks overtake the landscape. This boundary also exists in the design of the lamp, where the wood is abruptly met by the iron base.

"I love the curved oak stem of the Timberline which makes it perfect for tucking under a chair for reading. The cast of light is suitable for cosying up with a book but the pleated shade also provides a lovely glow for the rest of the space." - Eva


Marset Bolita Table Lamp

The Bolita lamp by Marset was designed by Studio Kaschkasch and offers a playful way to offer ambient lighting to your room. The interactive nature of the Bolita table light makes it both unique and forward-thinking. The LED light source emits a wonderful warm glow and can be dimmed by moving the diffuser around the base.

"I love how interactive Bolita is, it's unique and allows you to visualise the dimming process by moving the orb around the plate. I love the playfulness of this light as well as the globular shape that feels soothing to the touch." - Eva

Working so closely with our designers and their work, it's impossible for us to not swoon over our favourite styles or the latest releases, and we know there is nothing like a personal recommendation to help you in your lighting buying process.

Our team are always on hand to help you find the perfect lighting solution for your space, we can even even offer our personal recommendations; get in touch today.

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