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AGO is a Korean lighting design company founded by Woobok Lee alongside design director Mars Hwasung Yoo. Located in Euljiro, the area is part of central Seoul and is historically known as the hub of the Korean manufacturing industry with many workshops and factories located there. Drawing on this history and his own experience, Woobok Lee decided to start a new lighting brand, using Hwasung Yoo’s designs at the core of the brand’s founding.

AGO’s design ethos emphasises the perfect balance between beauty and function, creating pieces that can be tailored and applicable to a wide range of interiors. As work spaces, homes and commercial settings blur together more and more, AGO strive to provide lighting that can be a central design feature, basing all architectural decisions around the light. The brand also believe that designs and objects record and document our current state, becoming history of our present day for future generations to enjoy. With this in mind, the variety of designers that work for AGO prioritise creating bold, distinctive and extraordinary lights that are functionally sound and meticulously planned.

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