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Luceplan Fly-Too LED Wall

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Luceplan Fly-Too LED Wall
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Product Specifications
Product Code: LA3815
Integral LED:
26W, 3000K
Height 48cm
Base Width 5.5cm
Total Width 20.5cm
Manufacturer's Warranty: 1 year
Product Description
Luceplan Fly-Too Wall. An ultraflat luminous disk, adjustable by 360° in space, to be placed in infinite positions. Fly-too is an LED wall lamp with an innovative optical system that generates perfect bi-directional floodlighting.
Light sources are positioned in the extruded anodized aluminium of the outer ring. They project their light inside a very sophisticated optical element specially developed by Luceplan. The methacrylate lens, featuring a lenticular system with recovery of marginal light flow, is organized in two joined disks. The internal face has a Fresnel lens that amplifies light intensity, while the outer surface has a microsphere texture capable of increasing the bi-directional “flooding” of the light. The joint connects the body of the lamp to the vertical post containing the technical components.