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Spanish lighting design company Arturo Alvarez aims always to thrill and excite. The designs are very original and always carefully hand-made by experts. Arturo Alvarez is the driving force of the company and one of its founders. He is the brand creative director and also product supervisor. The company is dedicated to the design and manufacture of decorative hand-made lamps. They use and mix materials to re-invent and create new ones is one of the key points of their identity. Their original designs used stained glass to create a simple style that felt fresh and contemporary. Recently they have begun to design lights using a silicone mesh material which allows them to create different textures and endless possibilities. Arturo keeps exploring the possibilities of weaving with different materials and recreates ancient flavours from his home in Spain

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Arturo Alvarez - from the Village Blog

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Arturo Alvarez 20th Anniversary!

12 March 2014

Arturo Alvarez are celebrating their 20th anniversary. They will be commemorating their anniversary by participating in a series of different cultural activities throughout the year which will explore the importance of light in architecture, theatre, music, and fashion. On top of this they were recognised by The Culture Trip, an international magazine of art culture and travel, as being one of the top 10 best Spanish designers of 2013!

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