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Founded in the 1960's in Italy, Artemide is a global leader in architectural design focused lighting. Based in Milan, Artemide has been responsible for some of the most iconic lights designed in the last 50 years. In 1972 Artemide collaborated with Richard Sapper to produce the Tizio desk light. The 1980's saw the launch of the Tolomeo designed by Michele De Lucchi and Giancarlo Fassina and today both lights are still symbols of design excellence throughout the world.

David Village Lighting are proud to be one of the longest established Artemide dealers in the U.K. Since 1981 we have been specialising in this range of lighting and our knowledge of the brand is unsurpassed. Inspirational lighting manufactured by Artemide and Delivered to you by David Village.

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Artemide - from the Village Blog

More from The Village Blog

Elle Decoration December Features!

6 November 2015

Tis’ the season to be stylish! Here we preview December’s winter luxe interior designs to add warmth to your home, seasonal trends and festive solutions. You may have seen us named as supplier of the stunning Foscarini Plass suspension (5); this and more are available now at David Village Lighting! Check out our December Features from Elle Decoration, be inspired to breathe new life into your space this winter.

Elle Decoration UK David Village Lighting

1. Flos Ok Suspension    2. Flos Snoopy Table Lamp

3. Tom Dixon Lustre Suspensions    4. Tom Dixon Beat Light Tall Suspension

5. Foscarini Plass Suspension    6. Artemide Demetra Table Lamp

7. Flos IC Brass Floor Lamp    8. Flos 265 Wall Light

9. Flos Taccia Table Lamp

Elle Decoration UK David Village Lighting

Warm metallic detailing can be seen across many types of home adornment, from lighting to furniture & accessories. This metallic touch combines perfectly with dark, moody colours of the winter season.

1. Tom Dixon Wingback Dinning Chair    2. Tom Dixon Gem Candelabra

3. Kartell Louis Ghost Chairs    4. Tom Dixon Form Bowls

5/6. Tom Dixon Fan Chairs & Stools

Visit us on our social sites to keep up to date on new products and what's on trend! You can find us on FacebookTwitterInstagramPinterest and now Polyvore!

David Village Lighting

Tags: Artemide, December, Elle Decoration, Elle Decoration UK, Flos, Foscarini, Interiors, Kartell, Lighting, Tom Dixon.

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Elle Decoration November - Lighting Special!

21 October 2015

The November issue of Elle Decoration UK focuses on lighting! Featuring new releases, timeless classics and the most desired luminaires on the planet. As the months get darker, create a warm and cosy environment within your own space. Add light! Add style! Add warmth! Check out Elle Decoration’s lighting recommendations here on our site.

Elle Decoration UK David Village Lighting

1. Bocci 73.3 Suspension   2. Fontana Arte Nebra Suspensions (Coming soon)

3. &Tradition Marble Light SV2 Suspension   4. Flos 2097 30 arm Chandelier

5. Zero Light Pomi Trio Suspension   6. Tom Dixon Plane Suspension

7. Marset Ginger suspension   8. Flos Aim suspensions

Elle Decoration UK David Village Lighting

1. Muuto Wood table lamp   2. Innermost Parasol table lamp

3. Artemide Tizio table lamp   4. Flos Copycat table lamp

5. Flos IC High 1 Brass table lamp   6. Louis Poulsen AJ table lamp

7. Foscarini Lumiere Piccola table lamp   8. Louis Poulsen NJP table lamp

Elle Decoration UK David Village Lighting

1. Flos Arco floor lamp   2. Louis Poulsen AJ floor

3. Gubi Bestlite BL3M floor lamp   4. Tom Dixon Base Brass floor lamp

5. Foscarini Twiggy floor lamp   6. Fontana Arte Lunaire wall light

7. Foscarini for Diesel Lighting Pipe floor lamp   8. Flos OK Suspension/Floor lamp 

Visit us on our social sites to keep up to date on new products and what's on trend! You can find us on FacebookTwitterInstagramPinterest and now Polyvore!

David Village Lighting

Tags: Artemide, Bocci, Elle Decor, Elle Decoration UK, Flos, Fontana Arte, Foscarini, Gubi, Innermost, Lighting, Louis Poulsen, Marset, Muuto, Tom Dixon., &Tradition, Zero

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The very latest from Artemide

12 October 2015

New collections are now available from Artemide on our website, some of which were presented at events such as Euroluce and Clerkenwell Design Week. Table lamp ‘Le Petite’ is an architectural lamp with the shade balancing at a curious angle on a tilted stem, a re-imagined design of the traditional table lamp.

Artemide La Petite table lamp

Artemide La Petite gift box

This design is available in three colours: white, black and red/white, it is currently on special offer for Christmas. Each lamp also comes with its own presentation box for this limited time only!

Artemide Meteorite collection

New additions to the Meteorite family, joining the current sizes: 15 and 35. There is now a larger 48 size available as a table lamp, suspension or ceiling/wall light.

Artemide Vigo collection

Artemide Vigo Wall and Suspension is now available, taking inspiration from the classical conical shape but creating aesthetic contrast by using two cones of glass. The outer cone makes an invisible shade effect, the second directs and diffuses the light.

Artemide Fiamma collection

A new collection called Fiamma is a lighting element designed to industry standard, but the aesthetics were intended for an everyday environment such as home or offices. The collection is available in aluminium or black, consisting of a table lamp, wall lamp, floor lamp and suspension light.

Artemide Unterlinden Suspension

Unterlinden is a low cost energy efficient LED light source, with a polished aluminium interior to reflect the light successfully from the concentrated lens. The shade has a textured antique appearance available in aluminium or brass, creating a glamorous old fashioned style. 

Visit us on our social sites to keep up to date on new products and what's on trend! You can find us on FacebookTwitterInstagramPinterest and now Polyvore!

David Village Lighting

Tags: Artemide, christmas, Fiamma, interior design, La Petite, lighting, Meteorite, NEW, Unterlinden, Vigo

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Artemide Spectral Light at 100% Design London

23 September 2015

David Village Lighting were in London for the Annual 100% Design event. One item which was most captivating was the Artemide Spectral light, this also received a lot of attention at the Milan Euroluce expo earlier this year.

Artemide Spectral light

Architect Philippe Rahm is known for his design experiments between architecture, meteorology and physiology.Rahm is the creator of this scientifically designed lighting feature, it explores the light spectrum and how it affects humans, pets and plants.

The idea behind the Spectral light is to show how wavelengths have three main purposes: the first is health & biology, the second is conservation to combat global warming, the third is to further the development of artificial light such as LEDs.The lights demonstrated are those on the spectrum which are required to see, grow and photosynthesize.

Artemide Spectrum light

Illustrated above are the colour wavelengths which each living thing can see or respond to, these shades are displayed on the Spectral light by Artemide. 

Artemide Spectral light

See video of Artemide Spectral Light.

Visit us on our social sites to keep up to date on new products and what's on trend! You can find us on FacebookTwitterInstagramPinterest and now Polyvore!

David Village Lighting

Tags: 100design, 100% Design, Artemide, Design, Lighting, science, Spectral light

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Design Icon - Artemide Tolomeo

22 July 2015

The Artemide Tolomeo is a widely recognisable design created in 1986 by designers Michele De Lucchi and Giancarlo Fassina. It was awarded the prestigious Compasso d’Oro (golden compass) in 1989, this is a rare achievement as only 20 have been given out since its introduction in 1954.

Michele de lucchi

Giancarlo Fassina

The first design created in this widely ranged collection was the Tolomeo table lamp. It was designed to oppose the Memphis movement which was extremely popular at the time. The Memphis style was highly embellished and garish to some, so the Tolomeo was stripped back and re-invented concentrating on user’s needs. Which is why this lamp became such a well used light amongst creatives, it’s focused lighting and adjustable body / head makes it the perfect working companion. Artemide’s philosophy is ‘The human Light’, referring to their objective to re-design lighting to improve quality of life by illuminating spaces to the requirement of the people.

Artemide Tolomeo

Almost three decades later and the Tolomeo lamp, as well as its entire range has become hugely popular. The lamp is a standard within many creative studios and offices, they also now feature heavily in magazines as they are now a design classic loved by many stylists. Because of these design enthusiasts, the Tolomeo range has made its way into the home working harmoniously with domestic interiors.

(Click to View)
Classic & stylish addition in the living room:

Artemide Tolomeo mega Artemide tolomeo blackParete version seems to be a favourite in the bedroom:

Artemide tolomeo parete Artemide tolomeo parete

The iconic table lamp is still light of choice for desks:

Artemide tolomeo table lamp Artemide tolomeo table lamp

Now also available in LED version:

Artemide tolomeo table lamp LED

You can even put a Tolomeo in your garden! There is nowhere this lamp wont look good!

Artemide Tolomeo XXL outdoor

Visit us on our social sites to keep up to date on new products and what's on trend! You can find us on FacebookTwitterInstagramPinterest and now Polyvore!

David Village Lighting

Tags: Artemide, design, Giancarlo Fassina, icon, Lamp, lighting, Michele De Lucchi, Tolomeo LED

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Wimbledon Whites!

30 June 2015

It’s that time of year again strawberries & cream, freshly cut grass and Wimbledon whites! As the tennis championship starts we take a look at the summery shade which everyone will be sporting, white! A fresh, bright shade which appeals to so many as it blends in well with most interiors. Here are 15 Love -ly lights to suit the season!

Flos AimLouis Poulsen AJ table lampAnglepoise 1228 Wall Lamp

Anglepoise Type 75 table lampGubi Bestlite BL2 table lampKartell Bloom S1 suspension

Marset Discoco 35 mini suspensionArtemide Issey Miyake Fukurou suspensionArtemide Kelvin mini table lamp

Kartell Masters Chair Louis Poulsen PH5 suspensionMoooi Random 50 suspension

Gubi Semi suspensionTom Dixon Jack Floor LampFoscarini Twiggy floor lamp

Visit us on our social sites to keep up to date on new products and what's on trend! You can find us on FacebookTwitterInstagramPinterest and now Polyvore! 

Tags: Anglepoise, Artemide, Bestlite, Flos, Foscarini, Gubi, Kartell, Louis Poulsen, Marset, Moooi, Tom Dixon.

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Elle Decoration July Lighting Features

12 June 2015

Elle Decoration July issue is out and we felt it only fair to share with you what’s currently on trend! This month’s issue is taking a relaxed and easy approach to interior style, minimally designed rooms but with a hint of luxe with accessories and lighting.

Elle decoration UK lighting features

There is still a very prominent metallic theme reoccurring throughout Elle Décor. This continues to be a popular trend, as a way of simply updating a space without worry of clashing features/colours. Here is our Elle Decoration feature -

1. Flos Ipnos Outdoor lamp   2. Tom Dixon London Candle

3. Flos Snoopy Table Lamp   4. Tom Dixon Melt Pendants

5. Gubi Bestlite BL2 table lamp in Chrome & Matt White

6. Tom Dixon Gem Wall Lamp   7. Tom Dixon Mirror Ball Pendant

8. Tom Dixon Hex Bowl   9. Artemide Tolomeo Parete

10. Tom Dixon Bash Vessel Large   11. Louis Poulsen AJ Table Lamp in Black

Visit us on our social sites to keep up to date on new products and what's on trend! You can find us on FacebookTwitterInstagramPinterest and now Polyvore! 

Tags: Artemide, Elle Decoration, Flos, Gubi, Interiors, Lamp, Lighting, Louis Poulsen, Metallic, Minimal, Tom Dixon.

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Brighten up your summer – Exterior lighting!

5 June 2015

Exterior lighting

It’s that time of year when it’s beginning to warm up and we venture out into our gardens once again! For the summer months our gardens become another room of our house, a space for entertaining and relaxing. Atmospheric lighting creates a more inviting and liveable space for the season, making up for its neglect over the colder months! Here are our favourite picks of exterior lighting sure to liven up any garden!

(From left to right)

Foscarini Gregg Suspensions Media, Grande and XL

Foscarini Solar Floor

Artemide Pantarei Wall

Bover Amphora Floor in Small, Medium and Large

Bover Fora Suspension

Flos Ipnos Floor

Exterior lighting

(From left to right)

Kartell Bubble Club Chair

Louis Poulsen AJ Wall

Marset Santorini Suspension

Oluce Stone of Glass in Small, Medium and Large

Flos K-Tribe Floor

Flos Superarchimoon Floor

Light Attack Pad exterior

Also a wall light from our very own range Light Attack Pad 1, in dark wood finish.

Treat your garden and make it into an outdoor living room with decorative lighting and furniture.  

Visit us on our social sites to keep up to date on new products and what's on trend! You can find us on FacebookTwitterInstagramPinterest and now Polyvore! 

Tags: Artemide, Bover, Exterior lighting, Flos, Foscarini, Garden, Kartell, Light Attack, Louis Poulsen, Marset, Oluce, Summer

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Clerkenwell Design Week 2015!

22 May 2015

We visited Clerkenwell Design Week 2015 in London to see some of our amazing manufacturers, to find out what’s new in their collections. We were mainly eager to see Zero Lighting, Secto Design, Prandina, Artemide and Gubi – All of which are very popular on our website!

The first brand we saw in the Design Factory was Zero Lighting, where we were introduced to new additions in their range.

Zero lighting collection at Clerkenwell Design Week 2015

Seen here is the new Silo Floor lamp, Pom Pendants, Elements table lamp, Fog and Stampa pendants. All available in a range of colours as well as custom colours.

Prandina’s stand made an impact with a huge cluster of Gong metallic pendants hanging around the company name, the new matching Gong table lamps were also on display. A new pendant has been released called Theodora and displayed in a set to show sizes and colour options available, the design is aimed at domestic spaces such as bedrooms because of its soft nature and diffused effect.

Prandina Lighting products Clerkenwell Design Week 2015

Secto Design made an appearance with the new oversized extendable wall lamp, which was designed to move around a space as the inhabitant changes it.

Secto Design lighting products Clerkenwell Design Week 2015

Artemide’s stand was un-missable with their new Glass Collection, a range of handcrafted glass pendants with impressive detailing on the body. Also new for 2015 is the La Petite table lamp, with it’s playful tilted design and sleek finish, were sure this lamp will prove popular.

Artemide lighting Clerkenwell Design Week 2015

Artemide lighting Clerkenwell Design Week 2015

Finally we made a trip to the Icon House of Culture where Gubi put on a stunning display, amongst lush interiors and inside a shabby yet grand venue they created a very trendy take on the vintage chic style.

Gubi lighting Clerkenwell Design Week 2015

Gubi put on display the new Collar pendant which has been highly anticipated, this is the first look at the fitting since Euroluce Milan.

Gubi lighting Clerkenwell Design Week 2015

At Clerkenwell Design Week we also saw some new brands whose collections were interesting and enjoyed looking around, such as Orsjo and Deadgood. Watch our website for new brands becoming available!

Orsjo lighting Clerkenwell Design Week 2015

Deadgood Clerkenwell Design Week 2015

Thank you to everyone at the show who we met and made us feel welcome!

Visit us on our social sites to keep up to date on new products and what's on trend! You can find us on FacebookTwitterInstagramPinterest and now Polyvore! 

Tags: Artemide, CDW2015, Clerkenwell Design Week 2015, Deadgood, Design, Gubi, Lighting, Prandina, Secto Design, Zero

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Best sellers this month!

11 May 2015

Popular lights this month Flos, Tom Dixon, Kartell, Artemide, Moooi

We are starting a new series on the blog showcasing the best sellers for each month, giving customers a view of what’s on trend and which are constant favourites. For the month of April we have seen pale washes of colour or white which match the spring time theme, metallic hints are still popular in brands such as Tom Dixon, Artemide and Flos – a trend seemingly here to stay!

1.      Kartell E’ Wall Lamp    2.      Kartell Bourgie Table Lamp

3.      Kartell Fly Suspension    4.      Flos IC High Table Lamp

5.      Tom Dixon Copper Shade 45 Suspension    6.      Kartell Masters Chair

7.      Flos K-tribe S3 Suspension    8.      Artemide Tolomeo Parete Wall Lamp

9.      Artemide Talo Wall Light    10.   Moooi Random 50 Suspension


Visit us on our social sites to keep up to date on new products and what's on trend! You can find us on FacebookTwitterInstagramPinterest and now Polyvore! 

Tags: April, Artemide, Flos, furniture, Kartell, lighting, Moooi, popular, Tom Dixon., Trends

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Elle Decoration May Lighting Features

1 May 2015

Elle decoration UK lighting features Flos Artemide Louis Poulsen Tom Dixon Foscarini

In case you missed the latest issue of Elle Magazine, here’s a collection of our items featured for the spring trend! The over all theme and feel to the May issue was spring, suggested by its articles there is a light, fresh and airy feel to interiors by bringing the outdoors inside for the improving weather. This included a lighter and paler tone of lighting and accessories as well as more natural elements such as wood, there was also that hint of metallic details for interest. The darker lighting features were of a more minimal and subtle design, which means that these items do not stand out or distract within a space. Have a browse at what’s on trend:

1. Flos Superarchimoon Outdoor Floor Lamp 

2. Flos Smithfield Suspension Light 3. Flos Kap Surface Light

4. Flos Tab Table Lamp 5. Foscarini Caboche Media Suspension in Crystal

6. Flos IC 1 High Table Lamp in Brass 7. Louis Poulsen AJ Floor Lamp

8. Innermost Parasol Table Lamp 9. Flos Spun Floor Lamp

10. Tom Dixon Beat Floor Lamp 11. Artemide Tolomeo Micro Terra Floor Lamp 

12. Gubi Adnet Circulaire Mirror Large 13. Marset Santorini Wall Lamp in Mustard

Visit us on our social sites to keep up to date on new products and what's on trend! You can find us on FacebookTwitterInstagramPinterest and now Polyvore! 

Tags: Artemide, Flos, Foscarini, Gubi, Innermost, Louis Poulsen, Marset, Tom Dixon.

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Exclusive insight into 2015 at Artemide!

14 April 2015

Artemide Euroluce

Artemide new products for Euroluce

An exclusive insight in to the new products of 2015 from Artemide, to be released for preview at Milan Euroluce Exhibition! A new range from them is the ‘Glass collection’ featuring a selection of products mouth blown or hand crafted with the upmost care and detail. (From left to right) ‘Reverso Strip’ & ‘Reverse Conic’ by Arik Levy. ‘Lana’ & ‘Invero’ by Carlotta de Bevilacqua. ‘Lutetia’ by J.M. Wilmotte. ‘La Petite’ Andrea Quaglio & Manuela Simonelli. ‘Chlorophilia’ by Ross Lovegrove. ‘Discovery’ and ‘Crazy’ by Ernesto Gismondi.

Visit us on our social sites to keep up to date on the Euroluce exhibition and what's on trend! You can find us on FacebookTwitterInstagramPinterest and now Polyvore!

Tags: 2015, Artemide, design, Euroluce, Exclusive, Exhibition, Glass, preview

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Artemide's new product: Sisifo

11 March 2015

Artemide Sisifo table lamp LED

A truly unique new table light from Artemide, the Sisifo lamp consists of a floating illusion LED flat panel which is completely adjustable. The hybrid luminaire balances the need for illuminating a space and for focusing on tasks; this makes the light an ideal business/personal use lamp. With its freedom of movement, large base and LED panel it lends itself to large and small tables, the flat panel allows the lamp to fit in to smaller areas, the large base gives it stability to be moved freely.

Artemide sisifo table lamp

The LED source produces a warm white tone to create a soothing environment for relaxation or focused jobs. The Sisifo large diffuser eliminates any harsh shadows with its adjustable head and only throws out a soft, calming light which feels gentle in comparison to some LED lamps. Designed by Scott Wilson in 2012 and introduced at the Frankfurt light + Building show. Available online now.

Artemide Sisifo table lamp designs

Visit us on our social sites to keep up to date on what's new and what's in trend! You can find us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and now Polyvore!

Tags: Artemide, contemporary, Design, Eco, Facebook, Instagram, LED, modern, Pinterest, Polyvore, Sisifo, Twitter

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Additions to the Artemide range

20 February 2015

As of this week we have expanded on our range of Artemide products, a diverse collection to suit residential and commercial spaces.  From pendants, to wall lights and table lights many of which are low energy LED, there is also a new outdoor range called TetragonoYou can view the new products via their families: Cariddi Fato Groupage Issey MiyakeLaguna Meteorite Nebula -  Null VectorObjective Sisifo Tetragono

Here are some examples of the new products added to these collections:

Artemide new products

(From left to right)

- Cariddi LED spotlightTalo Wall 90 LEDGroupage 20, 32, 45

- Issey Miyake Mogura MiniLaguna suspension - Meteorite 15 Table

Nebula wall - Null vector suspension Alfa, Beta Objective table

Sisifo Table - Tretragono floorFato wall/table 

Tags: Artemide, groupage, Issey Miyake, Laguna, LED, new, Null Vector, products, sisifo, talo

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Fifteen Shades of Grey

13 February 2015

To celebrate Valentines Day and the release of the film Fifty Shades of Grey, we thought of no better time than to show you our Grey lighting! From a wide range of tones, sizes, ceiling to table lamps…here is our definitive collection:

fifteen shades of grey lighting moodboard

1. Foscarini Birdie Table Lamp 2. Diesel for Foscarini Gask Pendant 3. &Tradition Copenhagen Small Pendant 4. Tom Dixon Beat Stout Pendant 5. Moooi Lolita Floor Lamp 6. Louis Poulsen AJ Table Lamp 7. Muuto MHY Pendant 8. Moooi Bell Pendant 9. Muuto Cosy Table Lamp 10. Anglepoise Original 1227 11. Decode Heavy Wall Light 12. Foscarini Aplomb Pendant 13. Artemide Melampo Table Lamp 14.  Artemide Tolomeo Pinza 15. Light Years Caravaggio P1 Pendant

Perfect as a gift or to simply add the monochrome style to your living space, one of these Grey showstoppers are sure to please!

Tags: Anglepoise, Artemide, Decode, Diesel with Foscarini, fifty shades of grey, floor lamp, Foscarini, grey, Light Years, Moooi, Muuto, pendant, table lamp, Tom Dixon., &Tradition, wall lamp

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Artemide: Issey Miyake Growing in Popularity

12 February 2015

Issey Miyake for Artemide

The online popularity of the Issey Miyake for Artemide range is undeniably huge, throughout social media particularly the fold away designs have received a lot of attention. Issey Miyake is dedicated to the needs and existence of men within his clothing designs. These values have aided him in the understanding of creating products for living. Miyake is very environmentally aware, creating the lighting pieces at his Reality Lab where the perfect material would be made from recycled matter. The lights are made up from PET bottles re-treated fibres, this material both created a unique diffused lighting effect, but more importantly would reduce energy consumption and CO2 emissions up to 40% compared to making new materials for production.

Issey Miyake reality lab logo

The design of the lights are based up on traditional Japanese lighting and shapes of origami, but combined with Miyaki’s ability to add a modern twist for contemporary interiors. Since the release of the collaborative range the Artemide X Issey Miyake lights have become the most relevant and favoured sustainable lighting technology.

Issey Miyake for Artemide Mendori lamp

A new addition to this range is the Wuni Suspension and Mogura Table lamp. The Wuni suspension is quite unique within the collection, the angular folds concertina into a spherical shape which is slightly reminiscent of the Hoshigame table lamp, but more elaborate and designed for ceiling display. The Mogura Table lamp is very much like the Hakofugu Table lamp design, unusual angled 3D squares, but four of them stacked to create the Mogura lamp.

Issey Miyake for Artemide Wuni and Mogura


Tags: Artemide, designer, eco, environmently friendly, fashion, fold away, hakofugu, Issey Miyake, japanese, lighting, mogura, wuni

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Maison and Objet Key Trends for 2015

31 January 2015

maison and objet logo

The Maison and Objet event in Paris is a forecast for interior trends for the year ahead, comparable to Fashion week in Spring/Summer. This year the event has predicted four key trends based upon the popular themes and attention created by the exhibitors and exhibition visitors. The first unsurprising trend is Metallics. Particularly warm toned hues. This choice of metallic finishes has progressively become more popular for a few years now and has gradually filtered even down onto the high street! Here are our picks for the Metallic trend:

maison and objet metallic trend

1 - Kartell Fly Precious Pendants 2 - Tom Dixon Copper Mirror Ball shade 3 - Anglepoise Original 1227 in Chrome 4 - Tom Dixon Base Copper Floor Lamp 5 - &Tradition Utzon in Copper 6 - Terzani Orten’zia Table Lamp in Gold 7 - Foscarini Birdie Table Lamp in Chrome 8 - &Tradition Flowerpot in Copper 9 - Tom Dixon Base Table Lamp in Polish Brass 10 - Kartell Bourgie Copper Table Lamp

Our second trend From Maison and Objet is Hints of Neon, maybe not to everyone’s liking but a just a hint of a bright colour can add a bright cheerful pop of colour into our homes, especially appropriate for the Spring/Summer time. It is a nod to the 90’s as Fashion has also done. Neon has been seen on textiles, furniture, home accessories and also lighting. Be brave and give it a try! Here are our Picks for Neon Trend:

maison and objet neon trend

1 – Artemide Tolomeo Tavolo Micro in orange 2 – Artemide Tolomeo Tavolo Micro in yellow 3 – Vibia Wind Suspension in green or orange 4 – Oluce Canopy 422 in Pink 5 – Kartell Ghost Chairs in assorted colours 6 – Kartell Cindy Table Lamp in orange 7 – Kartell Bourgie Table Lamp in Blue

The third trend on the 2015 forecast is the colour Santorini Blue a shade to provoke a Mediterranean but modern vibe, a shade of blue to create tranquillity and timeless look within a space. These are our Santorini Blue Trend options:

maison and objet santorini blue trend

1 – Flos Miss Sissi Lamp in blue 2 – Kartell Fly Suspension in blue 3 – Kartell Cindy in blue 4 – Artemide Tolomeo Tavolo Micro in blue 5 – &tradition Flowerpot in Blue

Our final trend noted from Maison and Objet is the Natural Minerals, the style has come from the increasing need for eco friendly home fashions and is becoming increasing popular. Aesthetics showcasing a rustic, hand crafted and natural look, often paired with pastel and neutral colours to complete the highly stylish design. Here are our picks from this theme:

maison and objet natural trend

1 – Muuto Wood Table Lamp 2 – Decode Heavy Desk Lamp 3 – Tom Dixon Off Cut Stool 4 – Secto Victo Suspension Lamp 5 – Fabbian Stick Floor Lamp 6 – Santa & Cole Fad Table Lamp

Tags: 2015, Anglepoise, Artemide, Decode, Fabbian, Flos, Foscarini, Interiors, Kartell, Lighting, Maison & Objet, Muuto, Oluce, Santa & Cole, Tom Dixon., &Tradition, trends, Vibia

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The Telegraph - The top 50 interiors shops in the UK!

10 October 2014