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Fontana Arte IO LED Wall Lamp

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Fontana Arte IO LED Wall Lamp
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Product Specifications
Product Code: LA3544
Integral LED: 4.5W, 2700K, 350lumens & 4.5W, 2700K, 350lumens
Dimming: Dimmable remote
Dimensions: 10.5 cm Width
16.5 cm Length
10.7 cm Depth
Product Description

Fontana Arte IO Wall Lamp. Shaped like a small curved lunar disc, IO is a wall lamp designed for LED light sources. Thanks to its dual-axis rotation frame, ithas the distinguishing feature rotating on both longitudinal and transverse axes, for total light management. IO is easy to handleand adjust thanks to its size, the Up/Down movement on the external diffuser widens and narrows the ray of light.Like a satellite with the planet around which it orbits, the IO lamp appears almost suspended, very close to the wall yet nevertouching it, positioned at a distance that allows the light to gently caress the wall in an intimate wall-washing effect.