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New Works from David Village Lighting

New Works is a Copenhagen based design company founded in 2015 whose lighting collection modernises Scandinavian design by applying its styles, principles and strong history of craftsmanship to a range of luxury materials such as brass, marble and copper. “Materials are at the core of everything we do,” -  New Works create sculptural objects that respect and honour the natural and individual qualities that each material contributes: from the strength of marble in their Kizu Table Lamp, to the warmth of oak in their Material Pendant.

 The New Works lighting collection presents an intersection between old and new and captures the essence of their four core principles: natural materials, experimental design, tactility and craftsmanship. To create their collection, New Works collaborates with a group of international, renowned artists and designers that share their “obsession with detail, and who strive to discover new forms, materials and textures in the world around them”.´╗┐´╗┐









Our top New Works picks

New Works Lantern Table Lamp - Small
New Works Hang On Honey Pendant - Aluminium
New Works Lantern Pendant - Large
New Works Lantern Pendant - Medium
New Works Material Pendant - Steel