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Terence Woodgate from David Village Lighting

Founded in 2014 by designer Terence Woodgate, they aspire to create exceptional lighting, by designing and engineering innovative products that are ultra-efficient and beautiful.

As a brand, Terence Woodgate value high-performance, low-energy LEDs, which significantly reduce energy consumption.They produce long-lasting and fairly priced lighting collections that balance beautifully simple design with leading-edge technology.









Our top Terence Woodgate picks

Terence Woodgate Solid Cylinder Suspension - Marble
Terence Woodgate Solid Cylinder Suspension
Terence Woodgate Solid Cylinder Downlight
Terence Woodgate Solid Table Lamp LED
Terence Woodgate Core Six Suspension

Terence Woodgate - from the Village Blog

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20 March 2018 Permalink

David Village Lighting

Terence Woodgate

New brand – Terence Woodgate

We are excited to announce our latest brand online, Terence Woodgate. Founded in 2014 the lighting brand calls on 25 years of lighting design experience from it owner and founder Terence Woodgate.

Terence Woodgate

The companies aim is to create exceptional products by designing beautiful, ultra-efficient lighting. Their products are specifically designed for high-performance, low energy LEDs to significantly reduce their energy consumption.

Terence Woodgate

“I have always been considered obsessive in the way I design; now I have the opportunity to influence every single aspect of the final product right down to the instructions and the box. It is simply fuelled by a desire to make the whole experience more pertinent and beautiful.”

Terence Woodgate

Click here to view the Terence Woodgate collection!

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