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Flos’s Most loved – The Glo-ball

7 September 2016 Permalink


The Flos Glo-ball collection was designed by Jasper Morrison in 1998, the simple concept behind the Glo-ball family is to obtain the maximum diffusion of light which is achieved by the use of hand-blown, etched white opaline glass.


The Lamp is formed from a globe which appears flattened and produces the radiant calm of a full moon. The Glo-Ball comes in a pendant and wall version as well as unstemmed and stemmed table and floor versions; when fitted with a halogen or compatible LED bulb they are dimmable.

The Glo Ball ceiling is attached via a large internal threaded ring so removing it for cleaning or to change the bulb is easy.

The design of the Glo-Balls means they always look beautiful when lit, providing a clean, soft white light. They look good either on their own or when clustered together.


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